Do You Celebrate Your Humpiversary?

To say that I have the best customers is an understatement. 

They’re fun and quirky and not afraid to tell you how they feel, no matter how much it’s gonna make you blush. 

Not only do they support me, my business and my family, but they are always teaching me something new. 

Case in point: The Humpiversary

A customer review for my Best Decision Ever anniversary card reminded me that there are all kinds of anniversaries out there. 

She bought her husband this card to celebrate their first date anniversary and their Humpiversary. Conveniently, they are on the same day (wink wink). 

Go girl!

It makes sense though. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate the first time you and your lover got it on? After all, it’s all downhill from there! 

Funny and Naughty Anniversary Cards

To be perfectly honest (and I always am!), Dan and I do celebrate our sexiversary. But humpiversary sounds so much more fun! 

I think it’s important for couples to reflect on their first moments together and other special occasions in their lives. 

When designing greeting cards, I always pull from my own experiences. So many of my cards come directly from real life with me and Dan. Like my How I Like My Coffee naughty anniversary card

(It’s just another way that I celebrate my relationship with my hubby.)

When another couple can laugh hysterically, shed tears of joy or lovingly roll their eyes because of my card design, it’s freaking priceless.

Funny Sexiversary Gifts for Your Person

No matter if your first time was after a few too many margaritas or straight out of a rom-com, why not celebrate your Sexiversary with your person this year? 

In A Nutshell Studio has a huge selection of clever and sexy love cards that capture exactly what you want to say for any occasion. 

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