5 Funny & Clever Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Lover

If you are already thinking about the perfect Valentine’s Day card to give your lover, it’s no wonder they scooped you up so fast! 

We know that regular, old Valentine’s Day cards won’t cut it for your special someone. To help you find the right card, we’ve put together a list of our bestselling greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. 

No matter if you’ve been lovers for 25 years or 2 hours, our cards are guaranteed to get you an “Aw, babe, this is so us.” 


anniversary or valentines day card for husband for wife love card romantic card lucky 900

Plot twist! 

While this one starts off a little snarky, it ends on a sweet note that any lover would appreciate. 

Here I Am 

Funny Valentine's Day Card Anniversary Card Love Card For Husband Wife Girlfriend Boyfriend. Nutshell cards Here I am

Confidence is sexy. 

Remind your lover of the gift that you are. 

Met You Sooner 

Valentines Day Card For Husband. Wife Card. Anniversary Card. I Love You Card. Long Distance Card. Met You Sooner

I mean, does it get any sweeter than this? 

No. No, it doesn’t. 

Roses Are Red 

funny valentines day love card funny anniversary card roses are red nice butt

Traditional love poems are charming. 

But, throw in some “cheeky” fun and you’ll definitely get some action this Valentine’s Day. 

Marriage: 80% What To Do For Dinner 

funny valentines day card for married couples marriage what to do for dinner

Is there some magic pixie dust that falls on married couples after the honeymoon to make this the default convo? 

Yes, but don’t you kind of love it? 

Unconventional Valentine’s Day Cards from In a Nutshell Studio

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, so make it count by giving your lover a card that is uniquely “you.” Check out our popular love and relationship greeting cards anytime you want to tell someone how you really feel!