Why I Made This: Snoring Greeting Card

I love sharing the backstories behind my greeting cards. I especially love talking about my Snoring Greeting Card because I think so many of you get it. 

Snoring is one of those sounds that could literally drive you up a wall. Believe me, I sleep next to a habitual snorer. 

Here’s a snapshot of most of my nights: 

Dan’s heavy breathing transitions into lazy snores and then, full-on log sawing. 

I respond with a gentle nudge that progresses into exaggerated sighs and not-so-subtle tosses, turns and pillow-punching. 

Then, I straight up leave. 

My kids know when dad has crossed my snoring threshold because I’ll cozy up in bed next to them for the night. (Sigh, heart-eye emoji).

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Funny Greeting Card For Your Husband Who Snores

To be honest, sometimes I don’t mind the snoring. While I lie in bed, praying that this snort will be the last, I get some pretty damn good ideas, like my best selling snoring card.  

The problem is: I love the guy. In fact, I wouldn’t know what to do without him. He’s my best friend, but dammit if that snoring doesn’t drive me mad!  

My Snoring Card came out of my frustration with my hubby’s snoring and the realization that I would be miserable without him. Dan’s snores are better than anyone else’s snores, and so I’ll deal with it. 

In a weird way, I would miss ‘em.  

True love, huh?

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Funny Anniversary and Valentine’s Day Cards

It seems a lot of people can relate because this is always a best seller for Valentine's Day and Father’s Day. Even more than my Amazing Dad Dick Bonus and How I Like My Coffee cards.  

I think it is a perfect mash-up between the realities of a relationship and pure romance. I guess you could say that snores are the sounds of true love. 

Does your lover’s snores keep you up at night? My funny snoring card is perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just because. 

And if you are one of the lucky ones who sleeps next to a strong-and-silent type, check out our other best selling funny anniversary and Valentine’s Day cards for your partner.