The Inspiration Behind My Schitt’s Creek Greeting Card Designs

Are you one of the zillions of people who fell in love with the Rose Family of Schitt’s Creek? The show quickly became an after-dinner staple for my family, and a huge inspiration behind some of my most successful greeting cards.

I came to Schitt’s Creek a little late. Although the show had been on the air for 5 years, I started watching when it was released on Netflix in 2020. I was immediately charmed by the Rose family and the locals of Schitt’s Creek, the town that was originally purchased by the Roses as a joke. 

2020 was a year that begged for some stress-free entertainment, and Schitt’s Creek delivered! The impeccably timed quips, the romances and the hilarious family dynamics gave me tons of inspiration for funny greeting cards and gifts. 

Watching each episode, I would furiously scribble down notable catchphrases, zingy one-liners and perfect stills to turn into illustrations. And the ideas kept coming. 

As I usually do when inspiration strikes, I got to work with our illustrator Anna. After she brought my visions to life, I popped the illustrations into my greeting cards and paired them with the perfect quote for each character. 

I turned out an impressive line of birthday cards and greeting cards that were some of my most popular products of the year. Check out Moira Rose – my best-selling Schitt’s Creek greeting card

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Schitt’s Creek Greeting Cards Make Great Gifts

Sure, the title of the show might not scream “this is family-oriented.” The truth is that Schitt’s Creek is a family show that’s bursting with heart and hilarity.

When the 6th season was released, my family made it a part of our evening ritual. I watched the show with my husband and 3 boys and we laughed our butts off. In between LOLs, they learned lessons about love, acceptance, family and how to show up for the people that matter most. 

Not bad for a 30-minute sitcom.

Schitt’s Creek has already become iconic and could put a smile on literally anybody’s face. Moira, with her quirky fashion choices, fabulous wig collection and hard-to-place accent, has become an instant favorite. So much so, we even released a second Moira Rose card!

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Where to Buy Funny Greeting Cards from In A Nutshell

If you have a Schitt’s Creek lover in your life (and even if you don’t), one of our Moira Rose greeting cards or Johnny Rose birthday cards will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Our Schitt’s Creek gifts are available on right here on In A Nutshell and in stores at amazing stockists across the country. If you’re near Portland, Maine, Tom over at Old Port Card Works carries a bunch!