Simple and Sexy Gifts: Mini Love Notes

Words are pretty amazing things. 

One off-handed compliment or friendly greeting from a stranger has the power to completely change your attitude

Have you had this experience before? I’ll bet you have, you sexy minx. 

And when you feel loved and adored by someone you care about, you’re unstoppable! 

This is the idea behind my popular anniversary gift, Little Mini Love Notes

 Tiny notes valentines day cards

Little Mini Love Notes are sets of 14 sweet, sexy and naughty love notes meant to surprise your ride-or-die and make them feel the love. 

Unlike my funny greeting cards, there’s no stamp required. These little guys are meant to sneak themselves into places your lover will least expect them.

And that’s what makes them so dang special.

Tell Them How You Really Feel with Our Little Love Notes

When my husband and I first started dating, he would leave me sticky notes with sweet messages for me to discover. I’d find them in my car, on my desk and even inside the fridge. 

I loved the surprise of finding a love note from my husband. Even more, I loved how wonderful it made me feel. For such a simple gesture, it left me feeling like my heart could just explode. 

And frankly, these sexy love notes are the reason we have 3 sons. I’m kidding. 

Or am I? 

Now, I always give credit where it is due. My husband came up with the idea for a line of pre-written notes for lovers. 

I started off with a set of tiny notes that would make a great gift for any couple. They were gender-neutral and included some of my favorite existing designs, as well as some new, hand-lettered ones. 

Not to brag, but they were a big hit!

Simple and Sexy Gifts: Mini Love Notes 3

New Set of Mini Love Notes Coming Soon

Customers kept coming back, asking for new sets that they could gift their loved one. Seeing the need for more love, I got to work creating new sets with new designs. 

One of my favorite sets is Set #4. I made this one specifically for men who were looking to make their ladies feel special. Many of these notes were the same ones that my husband left for me throughout the years! 

14 little mini love notes from him for to her #4 envelopes

I freaking love when customers want more tiny love notes. It means that someone out there feels like I did when my man left me a sticky note back when we were dating. 

And you know what, he’s never stopped.

Surprise Someone You Love with Tiny Love Notes

I get it. It’s not always easy to tell someone how you feel. 

Little Mini Love Notes are a great way to surprise someone special with the perfect words to show them how much they’re loved. 

mini love cards tiny note cards you make my ovaries explode

You can find all 5 sets here.

I have some ideas brewing, but what little note would you want to see in the next set?