Sarcastic Greeting Cards From Cheeky Kumquat

I’m not gonna lie. 

It's a real thrill when your cards are featured on a big news outlet like BuzzFeed. Not long ago, two of my cards were featured on BuzzFeed’s list of “23 Unconventional and Funny Valentines For That Special Person.” 

Not only is it some good press, but it's an awesome opportunity to learn about other makers working in the greeting card space.

This is how I found Cheeky Kumquat

The beautiful brain behind that saucy little fruit (her name is Rain and she’s amazing!) comes up with the most creative, sarcastic and hilariously funny greeting cards. Her dry humor really resonates with me, and I knew my customers would love her too. 

Sarcastic Greeting Cards From Cheeky Kumquat

When In A Nutshell became successful enough to support my family and then some, I really wanted to invest in other woman-owned brands who had the same wit and minimalist aesthetic.  

It took about one second for me to realize that Cheeky Kumquat’s sarcastic cards and naughty Valentine’s Day cards would be a great addition to my shop. 

And to be honest, I had pumped out so many killer cards, my brain needed a vacation. 

I quickly found her on Abound, a wholesale marketplace for independent retailers and brands. I placed my first order and was seriously blown away. It was like Christmas morning!

The cards were beautifully packaged with pink crinkle paper that made it feel oh-so-special. Plus, Rain wrote a personalized note that made the whole thing extra delightful. 

Sarcastic Greeting Cards From Cheeky Kumquat

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As I suspected, her cards were a huge hit. I’ve placed multiple reorders and plan on continuing to do so in the future. 

I love that my business has given me the opportunity to help support other female makers like Cheeky Kumquat! 

If you want to shop Cheeky Kumquat’s sarcastic greeting cards and funny Valentine's Day cards, you can check them out in the In A Nutshell Studio shop

Sarcastic Greeting Cards From Cheeky Kumquat

Short on time, but still want the perfect funny greeting card? 

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