My Top Selling Valentine’s Day Card: Proofreader’s Mark

While I’m pretty good with grammar, I never would have guessed that my #1 bestselling Valentine’s Day card would be Proofreader’s Mark. There’s just something about that squiggly line that really gets people going. 

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About 5 years ago, I was scouring Instagram and Googling random thoughts for greeting card inspiration. This is how many of my card designs begin. I see something that sparks an idea or makes me laugh, and I'll put my own spin on it to make it uniquely In a Nutshell Studio (and me!)

I came across a card that said “I fucking love you.” 

I adored how straightforward it was. Bam! This is how I feel. But, it got me thinking about ways I could put my saucy spin on it. 

One Card, Two Meanings

There's a proofreader's mark - hell if I know the name of it - that tells you to switch the order of words. With one little squiggle, I turned the original inspiration into an anniversary or Valentine's Day greeting card with some serious SPICE.

I had no idea if people would get it. But I liked it, and if no one bought it, I knew of one person who would appreciate it - my husband.

Luckily, this card is hotter than Pete Davidson's love life. It’s been my top-selling Valentine's Day card for the last 5 years. 

It even outsells my Snoring card, another customer fave. If you share a bed with someone who sounds like a goose in heat, this is the card for you.

Design Inspiration Comes From Anywhere

Do you know what I love most about designing funny greeting cards for my own business? Inspiration can come from anything and out of anywhere. Do I know anything about proofreading marks? EFF NO.

But somewhere along the line, this mark attached itself to my brain so I could pull it up at just the right time.

The satisfaction I feel when an idea becomes my own unique design is incredible! And when one of these strange little ideas becomes a best-selling naughty greeting card on my website, it feels pretty damn good!

Buy a Naughty Valentine's Day Greeting Card

You might think it’s impossible to find exactly the right sentiment in a greeting card. But here at In a Nutshell Studio, we have you covered. 

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My Proofreader’s Mark card will show your Valentine (or next door neighbor, we don’t judge) exactly how you feel.