Meet Old English Co.

Have you ever looked at a piece of abstract art and thought to yourself, “I could totally do that”?

I think that’s how a lot of people feel about hand lettering. It’s just writing in cursive, but with a fancier pen, right? 

Well, as a hand letterer myself, I can tell you that thought is complete BS. 

It’s much harder to do than it looks. It takes a lot of skill and patience to get the letters to look perfectly imperfect. A simple design could have taken the artist days to get just right! 

One brush lettered love card that caught my eye is this I Just Really Really Love You card from Ben at Old English Co. If you haven’t guessed from the name, Ben is based in England and he makes some of the most beautiful, minimalist hand lettered greeting cards, journals and prints I’ve seen. 

I love you card. Anniversary card. Valentines card. Just Because greeting card. Miss you card. Long distance military care package.

The simplicity. The color. The skill. Oh baby! 

I love them so much, I carry a bunch of his cards and an amazing BUJO Daily Planner in my shop! 

Handmade Brush Lettered Greeting Cards

I don’t know about Ben, but when I'm creating a brush lettered design, I have a whole process that can take hours or even days. 

I start by writing my phrase over and over again, sometimes more than 50 times. I go through each one to see if there's a winner. Usually, I’m not 100% pleased with any one design, so I pull words from Sample #15 and Sample #35 and so on until I have the right set. Then, I digitize each word, piece them together so they look cohesive and do my final edits. 

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 

And this is why I really appreciate Ben's work. I know what it takes to create designs that look this good! 

Shop Brush Lettered Valentine’s Day Cards

The In A Nutshell Studio carries a selection of Old English Co. cards for dads, friends and anyone you love for Father’s Day, an Anniversary or just for the hell of it!

I especially love this sweet card for when you’re missing someone and this one for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. 

Check out Ben’s minimalist hand lettered greeting card designs in my shop and see his other amazing work by giving him a follow on Insta