Here’s Why I Love My Customers So Much

When I started In A Nutshell Studio 10 years ago, I had high hopes for what this business could do. I knew I had the talent and drive to make it work. I also knew, like all good things, it would take time. 

With some great features in big outlets like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, my greeting card business blew up in 2015. Before I knew it, my business was more than a fun hobby or a way to earn some extra cash. 

I was legit!

In A Nutshell Studio was bringing in money that made a real difference for my family. And do you know who I credit with this success? 

My customers. 

Customers Are Putting My Kids Through College

A little while back I got a sweet note from a customer. She had purchased six times from me over the years and wanted to thank me for being a part of her most special life events. 

For someone who writes some pretty naughty cards, (case in point:), 

I’m actually pretty private. 

But there was something in the air that day, and I wanted to share with her just how much her repeat business means to me and my family. 

I told her that, because of customers like her, I’m able to pay for my oldest son's college tuition for the next 3 years, maybe even 4. This was something I never thought I could do. College ain’t cheap! 

In fact, when the kid was in middle school, I told him that he'd have to put himself through college or apply for student loans, because it just wasn't happening. 

It was something I wanted to do for all of my kids and I had no idea how to make it happen.

A Sincere Thank You

Because of customers like this who continue to support me (and my raunchy sense of humor!), I’m able to pay my bills and give my kids a greater chance at a brighter future. 

My hope is that the upward momentum will keep going, and I’ll be able to do the same for my younger ones too. 

I love my work. I love my customers. And I’m so damn grateful for it all! 

If you’ve ever gotten a greeting card, gift wrap or anything else from my site, know that your purchase means something to me and my family. And not just something - it means everything. 

Thank you!